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We help hospitals cut costs by replacing oxygen cylinders with long lasting, high quality oxygen generators.

Our products are built tough to survive the Indian weather, electric supply and air quality constraints!

All In One PSA Medical Oxygen system

Apply to small/medium-sized hospitals, clinics, VETs, and other medical institutions.

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PSA Medical Oxygen Systems

All-new WF Series Medical (Molecular Sieve) Oxygen Generator for specific applications.

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All In One Medical O2 Systems

Perfect for medium & small-sized township hospitals, community hospitals and clinics.

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What is PSA technology?
PSA is one of the most dependable technology that is currently in use for separating Oxygen from Air.
How does PSA Oxygen plant works?
PSA technology uses material called Molecular Sieve for gas separation. This zeolite based sieve has a preferential adsorption for nitrogen and other gases. Clean dry air is passed through the sieve beds on the oxygen generator, which then produces an oxygen enriched gas.
Will Ventilator and Anaesthesia machine would work seamlsessly with MEDKAV Oxygen plant?
Absolutely Yes, these machines are being operated by MEDKAV PSA OXYGEN PLANT for last 4 years. Ventilators and Anaesthesia machines require 2.5 to 3.5 Bar pressure where as our generator can produce 4.5 Bar pressure which is more than sufficient for the Central Medical Gas Pipeline to work seamlessly alongwith the ICU Critical Care Equipments.


Liquid Medical Oxygen is said to have 99% Purity levels. Is that better than 93% Oxygen of PSA Oxygen plant?
Liquid oxygen (LOX) at 99% oxygen purity is useful for metal cutting, but not necessarily for medical applications. Separate Approvals from Competent Regulatory Authorities like US Pharmacopeia, Indian Pharmacopoeia has Approved 93+-3% Oxygen Monograph and has International as well as Indian Health Ministry Approvals.
How are the Service Visits Planned and Executed?
Service Visits are planned to match with Air Compressor Service requirements(Oil+Filter change etc)
Enough visits are planned throughout the year to deliver the Oxygen Plant Uptime so that the User is Fully Satisfied.
Will i still have to Maintain stock of Cylinders after Installing PSA Plant?
Yes, the Hospital needs to still maintain the Oxygen Cylinders bank but not much. Hospital can have atleast 2 days Backup Quantity of Cylinders available with them at any given point of Time.

Terms & Conditions

What Infrastructure is required to have this Oxygen Plant installed and Working?
A Concrete or a PUFF sheet room is best suitable with proper Ventilation and other electricals as suggested by our Installation Team at the time of Site Inspection.
How the Plant will get Continuous Maintenance Services after the Warranty Period is Over?
The Company provides Warranty Period of 12 months from the Date of Installation. In addition, the Company Offers CMC Contract after that for the Maintenance of the same.

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