Oxygen generator for aquaculture in india

March 30, 2022

Aquatic creatures, like humans, require oxygen to survive. To boost stocking density and production yields in aquaculture, oxygen is diffused into the water. Lower mortality and higher food conversion rates are associated with consistently higher dissolved oxygen levels. It is critical to use an active oxygen management system to ensure optimal development conditions.

Instead of ambient air, high purity oxygen is injected into fish and shrimp raceways, ponds, or tanks, resulting in considerable productivity benefits and a reduction in the risk of mortality owing to poor water quality. The capacity of traditional aeration technologies to generate regular quantities of dissolved oxygen is severely constrained (DO). Low DO changes occur on a daily and seasonal basis in many aquaculture operations. As DO levels fall, they become insufficient for consuming food. As a result, growth is slowed, and mortality rates are greater. For a healthy pond, the minimum amount of O2 necessary is greater than 4 mg/l (7 mg/l or more is ideal).

Pure oxygen injected straight into the water raises crucial DO levels faster than air-based diffusion devices can. Lower mortality, greater food conversion ratios, and the capacity to increase stocking densities are all benefits of consistently increased DO levels. The most critical aspect in attaining improved performance and bottom-line earnings is dissolved oxygen.

In the aquaculture business, air blowers and oxygen generating equipment are used.

A huge number of the processes you use to ensure your population's quality of life rely on compressed air or oxygen. Different requirements for your aquaculture air blower or compressed air system arise when working with a range of procedures.


The dissolved oxygen concentration of water is one of the most significant measures of water quality since oxygen is essential for the existence of all organisms that live in water. Aeration is therefore an important aspect of the production process on both offshore and land-based fish farms, as well as in live fish storage tanks and ponds. Aeration not only helps to maintain proper oxygen levels, but it also aids in water circulation, thermoregulation, biological treatment, freeze protection in cold weather, and decreases temperature-induced stress in livestock. When working with a large number of applications that demand a constant supply of oxygen or air in the form of small bubbles, you'll need a compressed air system or oxygen generator with a high uptime.

Feeding systems for pneumatic conveying

Aside from good water quality, you'll need a good technique to feed your population and hatcheries by feeding pellets or powder of various sizes. This is frequently accomplished using a pneumatic conveying system with blowers to supply compressed air to your system. The blowers can be mounted within a fish barge (for open-water farms) or as part of a fixed feeding system (for land based farms). And, while the size of your blower depends on the type of feeding pellets you use and the length of your feeding lines, a compact solution is essential, especially in fish barges used on offshore farms.

Curtains with bubbles

Bubble curtains are mostly utilized on farms on open water and in the seas as a long-term means of protecting your people from various outside influences. A bubble curtain uses a continuous stream of bubbles to create a barrier around pens, preventing jellyfish and sea lice from coming through, which have a substantial detrimental influence on your population's health. A compressed air solution with a high process uptime that can sustain the constant demand for air is required to construct a bubble curtain.

Handling live fish

A pressure system for loading and unloading live fish is a more gentle and effective technique of transporting live fish that may be employed at various stages of the fish's life cycle: it reduces handling time and improves population welfare. On open water farms, a compact air installation can be mounted directly on the boat. Our blowers' oil-free air will contribute to the advantages of employing a kinder and faster transportation system by lowering the possibility of oil contamination of the water and adjacent areas, allowing you to stay in compliance with regulations.

Getting rid of dead fish

Dead fish pose a health risk to your population and reduce operating efficiency, therefore it's critical to get rid of them as quickly as possible. A steady stream of bubbles from a specific collector at the bottom of a cage can assist you in bringing dead fish up and onto your boat.

For fish production, a high oxygen level is critical. To boost consumer happiness, tropical fish producers, wholesalers, and retailers turn to "on-site" oxygen generation. Standard oxygen generators aid in the maintenance of dissolved oxygen levels in water, lowering disease and mortality rates.

Oxygen helps the fish to be more productive and enhances their general health. An adequate amount of oxygen in the water promotes fish growth and minimises the amount of bacteria in the water.

Aquaculture is one of the world's most rapidly developing food-producing industries. In order to give healthy and nutritious food to the public, fish farming has become more popular in developing countries. Aquaculture not only increases food supply but also reduces poverty in these areas.

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