Best Advanced PSA Technology In India: Which One You Should Prefer?

July 21, 2022

Nowadays, there are so many Exporters of Oxygen generators and PSA oxygen generator systems that it is difficult to understand which one the customer should prefer. The PSA systems came into everyone's knowledge when the covid pandemic hit the world a few years back. Over the past few years, the PSA systems are getting more space in the science and technology section.

For those who are not aware of what actually a PSA System is, let us dig into that first. PSA System is a very easy and cheap way to generate medical oxygen in healthcare centers, clinics, and hospitals. PSA system is basically a non-cryogenic air separation system. And therefore choosing the best manufacturers for PSA technology is very necessary. Medkav Technologies is one of the leading companies in India that provides excellent facilities in this area. Let us know more about the best advanced PSA Technology in India.

Best Advanced PSA Technology In India

There is no doubt that Medkav Technologies is India's most trusted Medical Oxygen Generator company. The services provided by us always satisfy the consumers. Better medical solutions for the hospital industry are a priority for MEDKAV. As opposed to the conventional techniques of employing LMO and Cylinders, our On-Site Medical Oxygen Generator is a move toward a better and more energy-efficient option for the entire healthcare sector.

Medkav Technologies provide 24/7 Non-stop Running machines. The company has already completed 30+ years in machine manufacturing. This makes us more trustable and efficient when it comes to medical oxygen generators. The services we provide are excellent, and consumers are never unsatisfied with us.

MEDKAV is a pioneer and the world's proudest manufacturer of medical oxygen generators of the fourth generation. We provide advanced PSA Technology to the consumers without any faults in it.

What Actually Medkav Does?

We assist healthcare facilities like hospitals, community clinics, veterinary hospitals, and aquaculture enterprises by supplying them with the most cutting-edge, third- and fourth-generation advanced PSA Technology in India. All varieties of oxygen generators and home oxygen concentrators are distributed, sold, serviced, and made by us.

Our parent company, Kavia, at their research center in Bangalore, meticulously creates, rigorously tests, skillfully constructs, and set up the products, which are energy-efficient, safe, and trustworthy. Medkav fully complies with ISO13485, ISO9001, and the relevant national and international standards.

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Because of their technical excellence, high reliability, and favorable performance-price ratio, Medkav products are well-known and favored at medical institutions all over the world. We collaborate with reputable domestic and international vendors.

Our association is a journey, not simply an event, and it is tailored to the needs of the customers' present and future needs. We provide top-notch goods ( USP)

What Makes Medkav's PSA Technology Different From Others?

We provide prompt and attentive service, a team of experts with diverse strengths to help our clients solve various types of service issues at fair pricing, and a dedicated single point of Contact account Manager to service each client, in contrast to the majority of other Companies (current market alternatives/Competitors) who have outdated technology and subpar service.

- Molecular sieves or zeolites are contained in a new form of oxygen generator with many modules connected in parallel.

- Each module is capable of functioning independently. If one module fails due to a filter failure, the others continue to function.

- MEDKAV has dedicated 10 years of intense research and labor to the development of new in-house products.

- We are working hard to bring the best healthcare technologies in the world to the doorsteps of the Indian medical industry.

- developing innovative and environmentally friendly gas separation technologies for global benefits. (sustainable development)

This is why Medkav technologies are different from all other companies out in the market.

Medkav Technologies has also achieved global excellence awards in 2021 due to the excellent work in this field.


The procedure Of PSA System is used to provide medical oxygen for hospitals. It is utilized as a replacement for bulk cryogenic or compressed-cylinder storage, which serves as any hospital's main source of oxygen. The PSA process can create oxygen at the required purity level for hospitals and medical purposes, which is between 95 and 99 percent.

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