Best PSA Oxygen Generators In Delhi: Best 4th Generation Oxygen Generators!

July 26, 2022

When compared to other historic cities in India, New Delhi is seen to represent the country's culture, tradition, and history in its purest form. The city and its way of life today show how traditional and modern cultures can coexist. The Capital City has taken the lead in demonstrating that "Unity in Diversity" is the way of India up till this point.

The capital of the country has evolved since its making. The healthcare facilities in Delhi have become very appreciable over the past few years. Delhi was one of the major cities trapped in a covid pandemic. Oxygen facilities since then have been increased in Delhi. Are you also wondering Which PSA Oxygen generators or oxygen generators are good for your business? Which are the best PSA oxygen generators in Delhi? What are the qualities required to have the best oxygen generator? Well, don't worry as below are all the details about the best PSA oxygen generators in Delhi.

What Actually Is A PSA Oxygen Generator?

Based on the well-known PSA technology, PSA oxygen plants produce oxygen (PSA means pressure swing adsorption). Continuous production for the separation of oxygen from other gases is ensured by two zeolite-filled pressurized vessels. Dry compressed air is forced through a valve into the first vessel, where it is built up to a pressure of 4 to 8 bar (g). During the development of pressure, the zeolite absorbs the undesirable gas (N2), allowing the oxygen to pass through and into the accumulation tank.

The other vessel is renewing as a result of a decrease in pressure while pressure is growing in the first. A continual flow is ensured by this method. There will be an equalization of pressure between the adsorption vessels prior to the next stage of adsorption or desorption.

Best PSA Oxygen Generator In Delhi

By supplying them with the most cutting-edge, third and fourth-generation sophisticated PSA Technology in India, Medkav technologies assist hospitals, community clinics, healthcare facilities, veterinary hospitals, and enterprises like aquaculture. In partnership with a company in Hongkong, we distribute, market, service, and manufacture various varieties of oxygen generators and home oxygen concentrators (one sentence summary of our offering).

Our parent company, Kavia, is at their Bangalore research center, which is where the device was expertly created, rigorously tested, professionally constructed, and installed. The product is reliable, safe, and energy-efficient in addition to being safe and effective. Medkav complies with all applicable national and international requirements as well as ISO13485, ISO9001, and other standards.

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Advantages Of Medkav's Oxygen Generators

1. Significant Saving: 65-70 percent reduction in current oxygen usage

2. System reliability: Designed for continuous use for 365 days a year.

3. Create what you consume

4. No risk of supply chain breakdown due to on-site oxygen production

5. There are no longer any explosion or fire risks associated with filling cryogenic tanks or storing high-pressure cylinders.

6. The US Pharmacopeia standard for oxygen purity, which may be checked, is met by PSA.

7. The operating cost is very less.

8. Medkav's oxygen generators require very less space for setup. This means you can set it up in a room or hall or any small space.

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Medkav Technologies Top-Notch Products

Small Scale Oxygen Generators

Apply to small- to medium-sized clinics, hospitals, VETs, and other medical facilities.

1. portable power system

2. 93% of the oxygen is pure

3. There are systems with both high pressure and low pressure.

4. Work flawlessly with a generator of power

5. Integrated design incorporating data monitoring, oxygen generation, compressed air treatment, and filter subsystems

6. Display data on the purity and pressure of the oxygen

PSA Oxygen Generators

1. A new style of oxygen generator that connects several modules in tandem.

2. With a good performance-price ratio, oxygen production precisely meets customer demands.

3. Each module can function on its own.

4. The other modules continue to operate even if one malfunction.

5. Combination of flexible modules with clear cable and pipe connections.

6. In order to reduce the molecular sieve tunneling effect and increase oxygen generation efficiency, the oxygen generating module's adsorber has been carefully constructed.

7. The newly created Adsorber uses Mechanical Pre-tightening Technology, which lessens the pulverization of molecular sieves, to efficiently avoid friction between molecular sieves.

8. The generator's height and installation complexity are both reduced through the use of a modular design.

9. Shipping is made simpler and plant room space is reduced by flexible shape and size.

Why You Should Choose Medkav's Oxygen Generators?

Because of their technical excellence, high reliability, and favorable performance-price ratio, Medkav products are well-known and favored at medical institutions all over the world. We collaborate with reputable domestic and international vendors.

Our association is a journey, not simply an event, and it is tailored to the needs of the customers' present and future needs. We provide top-notch goods ( USP).

We provide prompt and attentive service, a team of experts with diverse strengths to help our clients solve various types of service issues at fair pricing, and a dedicated single point of Contact account Manager to service each client, in contrast to the majority of other Companies (current market alternatives/Competitors) who have outdated technology and subpar service.

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