Can We Operate Ventilators On PSA Oxygen Generator?

July 27, 2022

In the medical sector, ventilators and oxygen generators are extremely important. Patients who are forced to remain on ventilators during surgery or even when they are receiving other therapies are a common occurrence. While people with severe respiratory conditions like COPD require oxygen generators. As the pandemic has recently fast expanded throughout India, many affected people are now having respiratory difficulties, and the demand for ventilators has surged significantly. In addition to the pandemic, there are a number of other factors that have contributed to the sharp increase in the number of cases of severe respiratory problems.

There Are Three Types Of Oxygen Generators

The three most popular forms of oxygen generators are electronic, chemical, and molecular sieve oxygen generators. There are many different kinds of oxygen generators.

1. an electronic oxygen source

The electronic oxygen generator produces oxygen by oxidizing and reducing the oxygen in an aqueous solution. This kind of substance needs to be used and handled with extreme care. It is not appropriate for usage at home since tilting or inverting it is prohibited because doing so could have harmful effects on oxygen users.

2. chemically produced oxygen

The chemical oxygen generator produces oxygen using a decent internal pharmaceutical formula, but because it is more difficult to use and expensive to do so, it has not gained universal acclaim.

3. an oxygen generator with a molecular sieve (PSA)

Utilizing cutting-edge gas separation technology is the molecular sieve oxygen generator (PSA method). This process results in relatively pure and stable oxygen. In the market for oxygen generators, it is now the most widely used technology.

The only mature oxygen generator meeting both international and domestic standards is the molecular sieve oxygen generator.

Now the question arises can PSA oxygen generators be used in ventilators? Here's what we know:

Can We Operate Ventilators On PSA Oxygen Generator?

Absolutely Yes, the Airsep PSA Oxygen Generator can run this equipment. Our generator can create 65 PSI pressure, which is subsequently decreased to your needed pressure. Ventilators and anesthesia equipment need between 50 and 56 PSI of pressure.

When there is already an adequate supply of oxygen, ventilating patients demand highly technical expertise from qualified healthcare professionals. Ventilating a patient in a situation with little oxygen and resources would be significantly more difficult. While a ventilator handles respiratory and ventilation issues, an oxygen generator addresses low oxygen saturation. For instance, the ventilator must expel carbon dioxide in patients with the chronic obstructive pulmonary disease if there is carbon dioxide retention. In order to restore the body's oxygen saturation, oxygen produced by the oxygen generator is required.

How Does A Ventilator Work?

An apparatus that supports the breathing process is a ventilator or breathing machine. Patients with respiratory illnesses can breathe more easily since it helps to pump oxygen into their lungs. Ventilators are frequently utilized during operations or when a patient has received anesthesia and can find it difficult to breathe on their own. Ventilators, commonly known as respirators, are typically utilized in intensive care units.

Air pressure is what drives a ventilator. It is a device that breathes air into the lungs and helps people breathe properly during operations like surgeries, even when they have serious respiratory problems. A ventilator employs positive pressure to force air into a patient's lungs and extract air from them in order to carry out the breathing process properly when they have respiratory conditions that prevent them from inhaling or exhaling adequately. The equipment has a monitor attached that can regulate how much oxygen a patient receives. When a patient is having serious respiratory issues, the ventilator's alert will sound.

The operator or the doctor can be alerted by this alarm to raise the ventilator's pressure. Depending on the severity of the condition, a patient may use a mask or breathing tubes, which are operated by various components of a ventilator.

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