Is PSA Oxygen Generator System Hazardous? Which One You Should Go For?

July 23, 2022

Integrated PSA Oxygen Generating System, Equipped with Zeolite molecular sieve as the adsorbent, can extract oxygen from the ambient air by adsorption and nitrogen release. Concentrations of oxygen can reach 93% (3%). Zeolite has a three-dimensional structure that creates pores of the same size. Zeolite functions as molecular sieves because the pores selectively absorb tiny molecules while excluding big molecules.

Under high pressure, a zeolite molecular sieve will collect nitrogen and filter out high-quality oxygen; under low pressure, nitrogen will be released. Nitrogen adsorption and release are processed by two adsorption towers. Tower A will halt the separation process and start releasing nitrogen into the nitrogen storage tank after its Zeolite molecular sieve has absorbed an adequate amount of nitrogen. In gas welding, gas cutting, oxygen scarfing, flame cleaning, flame hardening, and flame straightening, oxygen is combined with fuel gases. To provide a fast cutting rate and a precise cut while using gas cutting, the oxygen quality must be good.

PSA Is very useful in the medical industry. In medicine, oxygen is used during inhalation therapy, intensive care, surgery, and other procedures. Purity and handling must be upheld to strict standards. Typically, bulk liquid deliveries of oxygen are made to hospitals, where it is subsequently dispersed to various locations for use. It helps with breathing difficulties, saves lives, and enhances patient comfort.

In small and/or distant hospitals with high enough demand to make cylinder deliveries a logistical challenge but where liquid deliveries are either impossible or extremely expensive, larger scale machines that also use noncryogenic air separation technology are being used. These machines typically produce 90 to 93 percent pure oxygen, which is sufficient for the majority of medical applications.

Is PSA Oxygen System Hazardous?

PSA Oxygen generator is very safe and reliable to use when compared to other methods of generating oxygen. PSA system is considered one of the safest and easiest ways to generate oxygen. It also has dependable manufacturing on demand (no vaporization loss). In addition to this, there is No handling of dangerous high-pressure cylinders at high risk. It also removes potential delivery and transportation security concerns. It also has Low-cost upkeep and repair (consumable parts such as filter, oil changes, etc.)

Overall, quick installation and startup of PSA Oxygen generators are easy. One thing that you should know is oxygen generators only work at 4.5 bar and oxygen cylinders operate at 160 bar, they are not harmful. Additionally, unlike other liquid oxygen, it is not flammable.

PSA Oxygen systems are considered less hazardous than other methods of other oxygen generators because they are made with utmost care. Though, safety precautions need to be maintained while using the system.  produces oxygen using a separate source of compressed air.

Human metabolism requires oxygen, and hypoxia is damaging to the body and life-threatening when it is severe. As a result, oxygen is a crucial component of hospitals' life support systems, and setting up a comprehensive, secure, and dependable source of medical molecular sieve oxygen generator is a crucial component of building modern hospitals.

Why You Should Choose Medkav's PSA Oxygen Generators?

Unlike the majority of other businesses (current market alternatives/competitors), which use outdated technology and provide subpar customer service, we offer prompt and attentive service, and a team of experts with a variety of skills to assist our clients in resolving a variety of service-related problems at a reasonable cost, and a dedicated single point of the contact account manager to service each client.

Hospitals, community clinics, healthcare facilities, veterinary hospitals, and businesses like aquaculture are helped by MedKav Technologies Pvt Ltd. by supplying them with the most cutting-edge, third- and fourth-generation sophisticated PSA Technology in India. All varieties of oxygen generators and home oxygen concentrators are produced, sold, distributed, and serviced by our company.


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