Best Oxygen Generator For Home Use: Best Products!

April 10, 2022

Oxygen generators remove oxygen from air so that it can be delivered into real-time industrial operations or stored in pressure tanks. Oxygen generators are utilised in a variety of industrial settings, including gold mine, aquaculture, and life support.

The tiniest oxygen generators are about the size of a soda can, while industrial oxygen generators can fill a whole room. All oxygen generators, on the other hand, have the same goal: to deliver a reliable supply of concentrated oxygen gas.

So, let's discuss our products, which we believe to be the best oxygen system in India. 

Large-Scale Oxygen Generator Pioneer

PSA (Pressure Swing Absorption) is now the most cost-effective, fastest, and safest method of producing oxygen. PSA oxygen has become one of the primary forms of oxygen supplementation, with national recognition in pharmacopoeias. Separating oxygen from nitrogen and trace gases is done using PSA technology. PSA oxygen meets all of ISO10083's purity requirements.

How Is Medkav Helping?

In partnership with  AUSTRALIA ( a subsidiary of MEDITECH CHINA) and KAVIA engineering, a leading Bangalore company)

All types of oxygen generators and home oxygen concentrators are disturbed, sold, serviced, and manufactured by Medkav.

Medkav provides hospitals, clinics, healthcare centers, veterinary hospitals, and businesses clients like aquaculture with home oxygen products system products and large-sized medical solutions, and is now launching in India and the USA.

Our medical products are widely recognized and popular in medical institutions all over the world due to their technical superiority, high reliability, and competitive performance-price ratio.

Molecular sieves or Zeolites are used in a new form of oxygen generator with numerous modules connected in parallel. Each module itself-contained; if one fails due to filter failure, the others continue to function. Combination of flexible modules with a simple pipe+cable connection. Touch screen HMI can be connected to a computer or a smartphone, and it can display data from the previous five years of plant operation. The newly developed Absorber effectively minimizes friction between molecular sieves by employing Mechanical Pre-tightening Technology, which decreases molecular sieve pulverization, resulting in longer sieve life and higher purity levels. Absorbers made of ALUMINIUM alloy with oxidation treatment offer superior corrosion resistance than carbon steel Absorbers and are 30% lower in weight. Purity and Flow cannot be tampered with because they are fully computer and electronically controlled, with NO MANUAL SETTINGS available.

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Oxygen Generator Electricity Consumption At Home

The initial cost of a Medical Oxygen Generator

Oxygen generators come in a variety of sizes, ranging from 10 Nm3 to 200 Nm3. On a daily basis, this translates to roughly 30-700(Type D cylinders (46.7litres). The cost of these Oxygen Generators could range from Rs 40 to Rs 350 lakhs, depending on the capacity required (plus taxes).

 Operating Costs of a Medical Oxygen Generator

 An oxygen generator's operating costs are essentially made up of two components:

 • The cost of power

 • Annual Maintenance Costs

Consult the manufacturer's technical specifications for information on electricity consumption. A Comprehensive Maintenance Contract(CMC) could cost as much as 10% of the equipment's purchase price.

 Yearly Savings & Payback Period for a Medical Oxygen Generator

Oxygen generators provide a high rate of return on investment (ROI) (ROI). If the capacity is completely utilized, the entire investment may be recouped within a year. Even at 50% capacity utilization or less, the investment pays for itself in around two years.

The total budget items might be a third of what they would be if cylinders were used, resulting in a 60-65% decrease in operational costs. This is frequently a substantial reduction.

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Oxygen Generator Setup At Home

Instead of using liquid and tube delivery methods, oxygen generators are used. Oxygen generators are a solid alternative for producing oxygen in a consistent, clean, and cost-effective manner. Although the oxygen generator appears to be mechanically simple, it requires a strong understanding of fluid dynamics, thermodynamics, mechanics, and electronics to properly manufacture the device. Companies who do not have this expertise produce oxygen generators that cause serious problems. It is a proper way to deal with the problem thoroughly when choosing an oxygen generator. Before being shipped to you, all of Medkav's oxygen generators are put through rigorous testing. With our solid background and experienced engineer staff, we can provide you with the most cost-effective and high-quality oxygen generation systems.

Benefits Of Oxygen Generators For Home

The tiniest oxygen generators are no smaller than a Coke can, and they can fill a room with oxygen. On the other hand, all oxygen generators have the same purpose in mind: to provide a reliable supply of concentrated oxygen gas.

One of the most noticeable advantages of oxygen generators is that they run on compressed oxygen. Because oxygen tanks supply their contents at a steady rate, there don't appear to be any beeps or loud noises linked with their use. Portable oxygen generators are the most prevalent and most economical form of personal oxygen.

How Medkav Technology Is Helpful?

We assist hospitals, community clinics, healthcare centers, veterinary hospitals, and aquaculture businesses in India by bringing them state-of-the-art, 3rd and 4th generation advanced PSA technology. In conjunction with xxx, Hong Kong, we distribute, sell, service, and manufacture various varieties of oxygen generators and home oxygen concentrators (one sentence summary of our offering). Our parent company Kavia's products are elegantly developed, rigorously tested, professionally constructed, and set up at their Bangalore Research Centre, and are both safe and effective, as well as energy efficient and reliable. Medkav fully complies with ISO13485, ISO9001,and other national and international criteria. Medkav products are widely recognized and appreciated in medical institutions around the world due to their technical superiority, high reliability, and competitive performance-price ratio. We collaborate with well-known domestic and international suppliers.

 Our partnership is a journey, not simply a one-time event, and it is tailored to the current and future needs of our consumers. We provide world-class service ( USP) Unlike most other companies (current market alternatives/competitors), we provide prompt and attentive service, a team of experts with diverse strengths to assist our clients in resolving various types of service issues at reasonable prices, and a dedicated single point of contact account manager to service each client.

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