How Many Hours Of Oxygen Can An Oxygen Generator Produce?

July 25, 2022

Oxygen generators dissociate oxygen from the air so that the gas can either be delivered directly into industrial processes or stored in pressure tanks. Numerous industrial processes, including gold mining, aquaculture, and life support, employ oxygen generators. Argon, CO2, and other trace gases make up the remaining 21% of the normal ambient air, which is composed of 78% nitrogen. The use of an oxygen generator removes nitrogen and trace gases.

The availability of air and the need for a higher oxygen content have led to the development of industrial oxygen generator systems. For gas separation, pressure swing adsorption (PSA) uses a substance called a molecular sieve. A zeolite-based sieve forces preferential adsorption for nitrogen in the event of oxygen generation. An oxygen-enriched gas is created by passing clean, dry air through the sieve beds of the oxygen generator. Equipment for nitrogen separation using membranes is also used.

What Are The Uses Of Oxygen Generators?

Chemical oxygen generators are used in submarines, breathing apparatus for firefighters and mine rescue teams, and whenever a small, long-lasting emergency oxygen generator is required. A kilogram of lithium hydroxide (LiOH) can absorb around half a kilogram of carbon dioxide, hence they frequently have an apparatus for carbon dioxide absorption.

1. Submarines employ SCOGs or self-contained oxygen generators.

2. To aid escape from mines, self-contained self-rescue devices (SCSRs) are utilized.

3. Chemical oxygen generators are employed as a backup supply aboard the International Space Station. One crew member can manufacture enough oxygen per canister to last a day.

How Many Hours Of Oxygen Can An Oxygen Generator Produce?

A medical gadget called an oxygen generator generates oxygen from the outside air. About 78% of the air in the atmosphere is nitrogen, 21% is oxygen, and the remaining 1% is made up of various gases. This air is drawn into the oxygen generator, which operates on the leftover oxygen after filtering it through a sieve and releasing the nitrogen back into the atmosphere.

This compressed oxygen is 90–95% pure when delivered through a cannula. Generators have pressure valves that help control the supply, which can range from 1 to 10 liters per minute. Generators are made for continuous use and may create oxygen twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, for up to five years or more, according to 2015 WHO report.

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A  generator, like an oxygen tank or cylinder, delivers oxygen to a patient through a mask or nasal tubes. A generator can give oxygen continuously and doesn't need to be refilled as oxygen cylinders do. A common oxygen generator is capable of delivering 5 to 10 litres of pure oxygen per minute (LPM).

Why You Should Choose Medkav's PSA Oxygen Generators?

The marketing staff of Medkav Technologies is enthusiastic, committed, and effective in both domestic and international markets. In parallel, Medkav established its international division and opened offices in numerous foreign nations, establishing a global sales network.

The desire of hospitals around the world to create their own medical oxygen on-site has grown over time, and some hospitals have already made the switch. In order to make sure that the oxygen produced is within the acceptable purity limits, Medkav's PSA Medical Oxygen Generators are equipped with purity monitoring devices. The acceptable range of oxygen from PSA plants is 93 percent 3 percent. The gas generator stops instantly, and the system switches to the backup supply if the oxygen purity falls below 90%.

Our parent company, Kavia, at their research center in Bangalore, meticulously created, rigorously tested, skillfully manufactured, and installed the product a. It is reliable, safe, and efficient in terms of both energy use and operation. Medkav fully complies with all applicable national and international requirements as well as ISO13485 and ISO9001 standards. Medkav products are well-known and well-liked at medical institutions all over the world due to their technological superiority, high reliability, and competitive performance-price ratio. We collaborate with reputable vendors both domestically and abroad.

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