How Much Electricity Does An Oxygen Generator Consume?

April 10, 2022

A self-contained, electrically driven medical device that uses PSA technology to Generator oxygen from ambient air. It Used to give oxygen to patients at the bedside or in close proximity. With the use of a flowmeter stand to split output flow, a single Generator may serve multiple beds. It is delivered directly to the patient through tubing or a flowmeter stand.

Power Consumption:- 5 LPM- 280 - 350 W per Generator

>5LPM - 400 - 600 W per Generator

- A constant supply of oxygen at a low operating cost

- Requires a constant power source

- The output flow can be divided among several patients.

- Low pressure output, which makes it ineffective for CPAP or ventilators.

- Requires regular upkeep

There Are Two Types Of Oxygen Generators In General:

Stationary:- The majority of stationary oxygen Generator weigh less than 27 kg and incorporate wheels for easy mobility. They're self-contained oxygen generators that deliver a steady stream of oxygen at up to 10 litres per minute (LPM). The built-in flowmeter or extra accessories may give very low flows, as low as 0.1 LPM. Most Generator suitable for hospitals can deliver at least 5 LPM, run on alternating current energy, and consume between 280 and 600 watts (W), depending on the model (Refer below table). To match the voltage and frequency of the local grid power, manufacturers commonly offer separate models for 110 - 120 VAC (typically 60 Hz) and 220 - 240 VAC (typically 50 Hz).

Portable:- Individual patients use portable oxygen Generators, which have a smaller output capacity (3 LPM or fewer), require less power (about 40 - 130 W), and are employed as ambulatory oxygen systems. They might have batteries that can run on direct current (DC)7.

Does An Oxygen Generator Work On Electricity?

Oxygen Generators are medical equipment that help persons whose blood oxygen levels are low. They are powered by a battery or by connecting the device into an electrical socket. If you're using a battery, you'll need to charge it by plugging it into an outlet. Most Generator include an adaptor that allows you to operate the device while driving.

An oxygen Generator takes in air, filters it, and then distributes the resulting oxygen. The air is composed of 80% nitrogen and 20% oxygen before it enters the Generator. When the air is sent via an oxygen Generator, it is converted to 90 to 95 percent pure oxygen and 5 to 10% nitrogen. Because getting that percentage of oxygen without the use of medical equipment is challenging, the nitrogen is separated to give the patient the greatest dose of oxygen feasible.

Can Portable Oxygen Generators Be Used 24*7?

A portable oxygen Generator is a device that can work with or without an electrical outlet. A rechargeable battery can provide power to a portable gadget. Other portable devices will require an electric outlet to operate; however, some may be able to operate using the energy generated by your car.

A portable oxygen Generator is essentially a gadget that Generator oxygen from the air and delivers nitrogen-free oxygen to you. This oxygen is provided to you via a tube that can be connected to your nasal tube or face mask.

You can easily adjust the oxygen volume based on your pulse oximeter findings or your doctor's recommendations.

Portable oxygen Generator have been made lighter and smaller to make them easier to transport. They provide the user with movement.

Portable oxygen Generator provide high-quality oxygen to users on the go!

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What Size Oxygen Generator Do I Need?

An oxygen Generator is a life-saving device, and you must assure a steady runtime during therapy, which may be accomplished with the help of a generator.

However, before purchasing a generator, determine what size generator I require for an oxygen Generator in terms of efficiency and make an informed decision. An oxygen Generator is a small appliance that may run on a generator with a power output of 400 to 1500 watts. Although oxygen Generator do not require a generator for electricity, it may be useful in the event of a power outage or when batteries are not available.

Oxygen Generator are available in a variety of sizes, measured in litres. The size of an oxygen Generator typically ranges from 1 to 10 litres, necessitating differing power and generator sizes.

When it comes to selecting the suitable size generator for an oxygen Generator, Generator on the required power might assist in selecting the appropriate power source.

On average, a 2.5 L/min oxygen Generator with a nasal cannula setting uses 75 watts per hour.

The maximum setting, on the other hand, is 10 L/min through the nasal cannula, which takes up to 300 watts per hour.

This comparison should give you a good sense of the size generator needed for an oxygen Generator.

The price of an oxygen Generator is determined by the amount of oxygen it produces per minute. A 5 LPM oxygen Generator can cost anywhere between Rs. 40,000 and Rs. 50,000 in India. A 10 LPM oxygen Generator can set you back anywhere between Rs. 1.3 and 1.5 lakhs.

Before purchasing an oxygen Generator, check with a physician to determine the amount of oxygen per litre that the patient requires. Before purchasing an oxygen Generator, a person should consider the following factors, according to medical and industry experts:

• Checking the flow rate capabilities of an oxygen Generator is one of the most crucial elements to consider when purchasing one. The flow rate refers to how quickly oxygen may go from the oxygen Generator to the patient. In litres per minute, the flow rate is measured (LPM).

• The oxygen Generator's capacity must be greater than your requirement. If you need a 3.5 LPM oxygen Generator, for example, you should get a 5 LPM Generator. In the same way, if you need a 5 LPM Generator, you should get an 8 LPM machine.

• Examine how many sieves and filters the oxygen Generator has. The output oxygen quality is determined by the number of sieves/filters in a Generator. The Generator's oxygen must be 90-95 percent pure.

• Power consumption, mobility, noise levels, and warranty are some of the key considerations to consider while choosing an oxygen Generator.

Why Choose Medkav Technologies?

Medkav Technologies is a leading medical oxygen generator company that offers a full range of medical oxygen generation, storage, and distribution solutions. Our goal is to help you get the most out of your industrial output while staying within your budget. Our products and services include cutting-edge oxygen generators that are appropriate for a wide range of business and industrial applications. We help hospitals save money by replacing oxygen cylinders with long-lasting, high-quality oxygen generators. Our products are designed to withstand Indian weather, power outages, and concerns about air quality!

We aided India in battling the devastating second wave of CoVID-19 in India by replacing dangerously low oxygen cylinder supplies with oxygen generator equipment.

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