Operation And Maintenance Of PSA Oxygen Plant: Medkav Technology

June 22, 2022

PSA oxygen generators contain internal filters, and it is advised that they be replaced every six months when operating continuously. Additionally, every few years valves will need to be repaired. The majority of the maintenance will be performed on the air compressor according to the manufacturer's recommendations.

After being contaminated, a PSA oxygen generator may still function, but less pure and less flow of oxygen should be anticipated. In many situations, such as hospitals where people are breathing oxygen, this may be crucial.

In order for humans to breathe, they need oxygen. No human life is conceivable on the earth without oxygen. The oxygen on the earth is what keeps humans and many other animals alive. During photosynthesis, when plants convert carbon dioxide into oxygen and release it into the environment, oxygen is naturally created by plants.

In addition, oxygen is heavily utilized in the manufacturing of steel, plastics, textiles, etc. The life support systems in submarines, aircraft, spacecraft, etc. depend heavily on oxygen. However, the oxygen produced by plants naturally cannot satisfy these industrial needs for oxygen. To meet industrial needs, large-scale artificial oxygen production is necessary. When nitrogen goes through, oxygen and other undesirable gases are absorbed. Then, the entire active column is pressed. The column stops functioning as a result of the pressure being released, and it entirely regenerates during the depressurization procedure. Each generator consists of two columns, one of which is active and the other inert, to create an ongoing supply of oxygen. They trade places at the start of each column cycle.

Operation And Maintenance Of PSA Oxygen Plant

producers of oxygen Create gaseous oxygen on-site and offer cylinders or cryogenic liquid as a cheap, dependable, and secure replacement. The planning was made to work around the clock, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Each generator has an automatic start/stop mechanism that allows it to operate by starting and stopping in accordance with the amount of energy used. An oxygen generator is a device that uses pressure swing adsorption, a type of selective adsorption process, to separate oxygen from propellant (PSA).

A breathing machine, nasal tubes, or an oxygen rebreather are used to give oxygen to the patient after it has been stored in an oxygen tank or cylinder. A container for storing oxygen could be an oxygen cylinder. They assist in the administration of supplemental oxygen to people who are unable to obtain the required amount on their own whether working in medical institutions or front desks. A pulse oximeter is frequently used to check these values.

The pressurized oxygen inside the tank is converted into a specific flow that will be measured in liters per minute by a flow regulator at the top of the cylinder (LPM). The two main types of flow regulators are continuous flow and pulse-dose flow.

Such regulators allow you to select a specific LPM and have the same amount of oxygen dispensed until the tank is empty or the regulator is turned off. Continuous flow Patients who regularly use oxygen use it most frequently.

You can increase the effectiveness of your oxygen cylinder by using pulse-dose flow regulators. The machine releases oxygen in brief spurts as the patient inhales. In this manner, after they exhale, oxygen is wasted. It is still necessary to configure the machine to the required LPM within the continuous flow regulator.The price of the oxygen cylinder used in hospitals today ranges between INR 6000 and 8000, with the cost of the other equipment being paid separately.The typical adult exhales and inhales about 7 to 8 litres of air each minute during sleeping. This is roughly equivalent to 11,000 litres of air each day.

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Oxygen generators are used in a variety of commercial and industrial manufacturing processes nowadays. The production of the necessary amounts of oxygen gas to power various processes depends on these devices. The PSA Oxygen Generator is framed by two columns of zeolite molecular sieve. Gas flows up through the zeolite and is jammed into the active column.

When the supply air has a dew point of 40 degrees F & (4 degrees C) or less, PSA oxygen generators operate at their peak efficiency. Humidity control for the room may or may not be necessary, depending on the type used and/or the feed air equipment (air compressor, drier, air surge tank, and feed air filters) supplied. For advice on a particular application, speak with the factory.

Regular maintenance minimises downtime and lowers the likelihood of failure in machinery and plants. To achieve the maximum availability, the appropriate actions must be taken. purchasing and changing out consumables such molecular sieves, adsorbent materials, and catalysts.

Let's discuss about Medkav's technology and it's background

Award for Global Excellence in 2021

Shri Lal Singh Arya, President of the SC/ST Morcha of the BJP, along with Shri Sabir Ali, a former Rajya Sabha member, Shri Madam Lal, a former Indian cricketer and coach, and Shri Jay Prakash (Head of Office at a Statutory Body of the Government of India) honor the winners of the My Brand Better Global Excellence Awards in the fields of healthcare, education, business, and brands leaders on October 10th, 2021 at The Park.n association with renowned Bangalore-based KAVIA engineering and ASUMEDI AUSTRALIA, a subsidiary of MEDITECH CHINA.

All varieties of oxygen generators and home oxygen concentrators are manufactured, sold, and serviced by ASUMEDI KAVIA.

ASUMEDI is already started in India and the US and provides large-scale medical solutions and home oxygen equipment systems to hospitals, healthcare facilities, veterinary hospitals, and businesses like aquaculture.

Due to their technical excellence, high reliability, and favorable performance-price ratio, Medkav products are well known and respected in medical institutions all over the world. We work together with reputable domestic and foreign vendors.

Our partnership is ongoing and tailored to the present and future requirements of our customers. We provide first-rate service (USP) Unlike most other companies (current market alternatives/competitors), we offer prompt and attentive service, a team of experts with a variety of strengths to help our clients resolve various types of service issues at affordable prices, and a dedicated single point of contact account manager to service each client.

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