Oxygen Generator Plant PSA Vs Normal Plant: Similarities And Differences!

June 19, 2022

Based on a patented application of Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA), which uses ambient air as a raw material, the oxygen generator produces oxygen.The percentages of oxygen, nitrogen, argon, and rare gases in ambient air are 21 percent, 78 percent, and 0.9 percent, respectively. In order to provide oxygen-enriched air with 93 percent or more oxygen, the PSA method involves the static separation of air gases using a particular molecular sieve created to adsorb nitrogen under pressure.

Pressure swing adsorption method is used by Oxygen PSA Generators to isolate oxygen (O2) from compressed air. A bed of zeolite molecular sieve is used to filter compressed air, which has about 21 percent oxygen and 78 percent nitrogen composition (ZMS).Through a special procedure known as Pressure Swing Adsorption, an oxygen generator separates this oxygen from compressed air. A synthetic zeolite molecular sieve's capacity to absorb primarily nitrogen is used in the Pressure Swing Adsorption method to produce enriched oxygen gas from ambient air.A technological method for creating oxygen is pressure swing adsorption (PSA). The PSA process is the underlying technology for all common oxygen producers. The process of separating oxygen from air is powered by this engine. There are no chemical, electrical, or other processes taking place during the process; it is entirely physical.

Oxygen Generator Plant PSA Vs Normal Plant

This method makes use of atmospheric air. Cleaning the air requires removing dust and grease, followed by drying. An air compressor is used by the PSA oxygen generator to compress the cleaned air.The air intake valve and the left intake valve are then used to let air into the left adsorption tower. And the pressure inside the tower rises. Processes for pressure swing adsorption make use of the fact that, at high pressures, gases have a propensity to be "adsorbed"—attracted to solid surfaces.More gas is absorbed when the pressure is higher. The gas is released, or desorbed, when the pressure is decreased. Because different gases have varying strengths of attraction to various solid surfaces, PSA methods can be used to separate gases in a mixture.

The nitrogen will either completely or partially stay in the bed if a gas mixture, such as air, is forced through a vessel containing an adsorbent bed of Zeolites (microporous, aluminosilicate minerals frequently used as commercial adsorbents and catalysts), which attract nitrogen more strongly than oxygen. As a result, the gas mixture leaving the vessel will be richer in oxygen than the mixture entering. These stages are the cycle for creating oxygen-enriched air.

Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology is used at the oxygen gas plant to provide a constant supply of pure oxygen. Building low-maintenance oxygen gas plants that effortlessly deliver the desired outcomes is possible thanks to PSA technology.A PSA oxygen generating plant is a small-scale device created to concentrate oxygen from ambient air. Depending on the estimated oxygen demand, the plant's output capacity can range from 2 Nm3/hr to 200 Nm3/hr.


Let's now talk about how the Normal Plant differs from the PSA Oxygen Generator Plant and the standard one is referred to as a VSA oxygen generator.

One of the PSA process variants created specifically for low pressure O2 applications is vacuum swing adsorption (VSA), which produces oxygen. Utilizing a particular zeolite adsorbent, the O2 VSA technique makes use of the better adsorption selectivity at lower pressure.The oxygen and nitrogen are also separated using a zeolite sieve in vacuum swing adsorption (VSA) technology, but plants use a vacuum blower rather than an air compressor and have fewer adsorption vessels and valves.

The most significant benefit of the O2 VSA over the O2 PSA is a 50% reduction in the energy required for O2 generation.

With the use of this technique, O2 can be produced with a purity varying from 75% to 93.5 percent. Without any additional compression stages, the product pressure is 300 mbarg. An extra blower can be used to increase pressure to 2 barg for O2 and up to 8 barg for scroll or piston compressors.

When it comes to heavy-duty applications that demand continuous use of O2 at low pressure, O2 VSA offers excellent value for the money.

Vacuum swing adsorption is abbreviated as VSA, and pressure swing adsorption as PSA. Knowing that PSA employs compressed air with a pressure range of 4 to 10 bars and VSA uses a blower and vacuum pump to separate ambient air can help you grasp the differences.In order to create the same amount of oxygen, PSA technology must compress ten times as much air. Only the oxygen is compressed by VSA, which is ten times less. In order to put everything into numerical context, PSA will use about 900 watts and VSA will take about 400 watts, respectively, to create 1 kilogramme of 90% pure oxygen at 4 bar and 8 bar of oxygen pressure.

PSA/VSA oxygen generators remove nitrogen from the air using an absorbent to produce pure oxygen with a concentration of 90 to 93 percent.This technology is gradually displacing traditional low-temperature separation methods because VSA oxygen generators are easy to start and stop.

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