PSA Oxygen Generator Price In India: Product Explained!

April 16, 2022

The oxygen generator is based on a patented Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) method that uses ambient air as a raw material.

The air we breathe comprises 21% oxygen, 78% nitrogen, 0.9 percent argon, and 0.1 percent rare gases. The PSA process involves the static separation of air gases using a molecular sieve designed to adsorb nitrogen under pressure, resulting in oxygen-enriched air with a concentration of 93 percent oxygen or higher.

Two separation jars filled with molecular sieve adsorbers (zeolites), one full pneumatic system (valves, filters, pressure regulator...), and one oxygen tank makes up the oxygen generator.

PSA oxygen plants have an initial set-up cost that is determined by the plant's capacity. However, the monthly oxygen bill savings more than compensate for this. Last year, the Central Medical Services Society (CMSS), an autonomous entity under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, called for contracts for 150 oxygen plants with capacities ranging from 100 to 3,200 litres per minute (LPM). So yet, just 33 have been established. A total capacity of 80,500 litres per minute would have been achieved by the 150 plants. Setting up a factory that can produce 24 cylinders of gas each day costs around Rs 33 lakh and takes a few weeks.

550 LPM oxygen is required for a 240-bed hospital. A hospital of that scale, say with 40 ICU beds, would typically need roughly Rs 5 lakh in oxygen each month.However, Covid-19 has resulted in a significant increase in oxygen consumption. According to industry insiders, a PSA plant costing around Rs 50 lakh would be sufficient for such a hospital. In terms of monthly oxygen bill reductions, the hospital would have recouped its investment in 18 months.

Operating Cost Of Oxygen Generators

Oxygen generators range in size from 10 to 200 Nm3. On a daily basis, this translates to around 30-700 (46.7L) Type D cylinders. The cost of these Oxygen Generators could range between Rs 40 and Rs 350 lakhs, depending on the capacity required (plus taxes).

An oxygen generator's operating costs are essentially made up of two components:

• The cost of power

• Annual Maintenance Costs

Consult the manufacturer's technical specifications for information on electricity consumption. A Comprehensive Maintenance Contract (CMC) could cost as much as 10% of the equipment's purchase price.

Yearly Savings & Payback Period for Medical Oxygen Generators

Oxygen generators offer a high rate of return on investment (ROI). If the capacity is completely utilized, the entire investment might be recovered in a year. Even at 50% capacity utilisation or less, the investment is repaid in less than two years.

The total budget items may be a third of what they would be if cylinders were used, resulting in a 60-65% decrease in operational costs. This is frequently a substantial reduction.

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Space Required For Oxygen Generators

Industrial oxygen generators have the capacity to fill a whole neighbourhood, while the tiniest oxygen generators are no larger than a Coke can. On the other hand, all oxygen generators have the same goal: to provide a reliable supply of concentrated oxygen gas.

Generators are handy machines that offer watts in the event of a power outage, allowing daily activities and business operations to continue as usual. Generators come in a variety of electrical and physical forms to accommodate a wide range of applications. An electrical generator is a device that converts energy from a source external to voltage. Voltage is not 'produced' by a generator. Rather, it uses the energy it receives to force electric charges in the wires of its windings to move across an external device.Because the compressor inside the machine requires space to bring in enough room air that can be condensed to pure oxygen inside the machine, there should be 1-2 feet of free space around the air-inlet of your oxygen concentrator.

ROI For Oxygen Generators

The return on investment (ROI) is usually realised in less than two years. Expenses, cylinder handling, labour, and time are all reduced. Our collaboration is a journey, not a one-time event, and it is suited to our customers' current and future needs. We offer first-rate service ( USP) We provide prompt and attentive service, a team of experts with diverse strengths to assist our clients in resolving various types of service issues at reasonable prices, and a dedicated single point of contact account manager to service each client, unlike most other companies (current market alternatives/competitors).

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PSA Oxygen Generator Benefits

Only high-quality, medical-grade oxygen should be administered to patients; it is an important drug that is necessary at all levels of the health-care system. Medical-grade oxygen is produced at pressure swing adsorption (PSA) oxygen generating plants. This document outlines the technical parameters that a PSA Oxygen Plant must achieve in order to administer medical-grade oxygen.

There are five stages to the PSA procedure

Filtered, degreased, and dried compressed air (78 percent nitrogen, 21% oxygen, 1% argon) is used, and the manufacturing pressure is automatically controlled.

Air travels through the molecular sieves, where nitrogen is absorbed by the zeolite, resulting in a 95 percent increase in oxygen content.

The oxygen produced by the molecular sieve is transferred through a multifunction block to the buffer tank. Nitrogen is driven back outdoors by a quiet exit.

While one vessel's nitrogen desorption is aided by some of the oxygen created, the other vessel ensures oxygen generation (and vice versa).

Continuous oxygen flow is ensured via an automated and pneumatic vessel balance mechanism.

Best PSA Oxygen Generator For Hospital - MEDKAV

Medkav may be the finest alternative for an oxygen generator because our products offer a novel type of oxygen generator with many modules connected in parallel and including molecular sieves or zeolites. Each module is self-contained; if one fails due to a filter failure, the others will keep working with a simple pipe+cable connection; this module can be used in a variety of ways. By utilising Mechanical Pre-tightening Technology, the newly designed Adsorber effectively reduces rubbing between molecular sieves, resulting in lower molecular sieve pulverisation, longer sieve life, and improved purity levels.

The Adsorbers are built of an ALUMINIUM alloy with an oxidation treatment, which has a 30% lower weight than carbon steel and has a stronger corrosion resistance. To check the last 5 years of plant data, use a touch screen HMI that may be connected to your computer and smartphone. Purity and Flow are completely computer and electronically controlled, with NO MANUAL SETTINGS accessible.

How Medkav Technology Is Helping?

Due to our technical superiority, high dependability, and competitive performance-price ratio, our medical goods are well recognised and appreciated in medical institutions all over the world.

In collaboration with ASUMEDI AUSTRALIA (a MEDITECH CHINA affiliate) and KAVIA engineering, a top Bangalore firm.

ASUMEDI KAVIA disturbs, sells, services, and manufactures all types of oxygen generators and home oxygen concentrators.

ASUMEDI delivers home oxygen goods system products and large-scale medical solutions to hospitals, clinics, healthcare centres, veterinary hospitals, and companies such as aquaculture, and is now starting in India and the United States.

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