What To Keep In Mind Before Buying An Oxygen Generator? Tips!

June 27, 2022

There are several uses for oxygen generators, including aerating wastewater, advancing biological treatment, increasing gold mine productivity, and fostering the growth of hatchery trout. A concentration of 93 percent oxygen is provided for all equipment that utilises oxygen by an oxygen generator, which consists of two tanks filled with a sieve. The Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) method is used by the oxygen generator to produce oxygen. The oxygen in the air is separated from the other elements during this process.

Although there is much misunderstanding regarding the distinction between a concentrator and a generator, the differences are significant to take into account in a veterinary clinic. A concentrator is a portable medical device that costs less than a generator for home usage. A concentrator, however, cannot be used in a veterinary clinic since it lacks the power to supply the equipment with the required amount of oxygen.A generator, as opposed to a concentrator, generates 90 PSI, allowing you to operate your anaesthetic machine's flush. The generator's reservoir, which will continue to provide you with oxygen in the event of a power outage, is another benefit (the size of the reservoir varies with the different models). Nevertheless, we advise having an oxygen tank on hand in case of an emergency or prolonged power outage.

Try to imagine your clinic's future needs rather than your current oxygen use to better examine your oxygen utilisation. For instance, do you have any future plans to relocate, expand your clinic, or purchase a new anaesthetic machine, oxygen cage, or incubator? Given the lengthy lifespan of the oxygen generator, it's critical to plan your purchase keeping your clinic's requirements in mind.

What To Keep In Mind Before Buying An Oxygen Generator?

Select an oxygen generation system based on your requirements.

The ability to save up to 80% of your actual oxygen costs is the biggest benefit of having an oxygen generator. Depending on the model and your oxygen use, we typically estimate the payback period for a generator to be between six months and two years. Your clinic won't have to rely on the delivery of oxygen in cylinders if it has an oxygen generator. Additionally, these devices will enable you to practise veterinary medicine's most recent therapy, hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT). It also gets rid of the risk associated with the facility having liquid oxygen (LOX). Additionally, since there are no associated CO2 emissions, an oxygen generator makes a significant environmental contribution.

How often does an oxygen generator require maintenance?

The compressor should last between 10,000 and 20,000 operating hours, while the sieve should last for roughly 15 years. These oxygen generators don't require a lot of maintenance. Every six months, we advise changing the filters. You must alter the air in the room where the system is located for the generator to operate effectively. The size of your generator and the size of the space will affect how many air changes occur every hour.

How pure of an oxygen supply do you need?

Our industrial generators produce up to the 99 percent level required by many industrial applications as well as hospitals, clinics, and healthcare providers. Standard-purity generators deliver up to 95 percent oxygen for many commercial reasons.

To establish what kind of oxygen-generating system you need, calculate the minimum required flow - in standard cubic feet per hour (SCFH), normal cubic metres per hour (NM3/H), litres per minute (LPM), or whatever other units are appropriate for your requirements.

Consider how cylinder usage may affect your flow requirements if you use a generator to fill oxygen cylinders. Speaking of, high-power oxygen filling stations are available at any oxygen site Gas for quickly filling your cylinders with 93 percent, 95 percent, or 99 percent oxygen.Take into account the entire oxygen-generation system's footprint, which includes the generator, air compressor, and any auxiliary tanks or cylinders. Find a place that can accommodate it in terms of size and infrastructure requirements.

Oxygen generators are very dependable and efficient. They are made for hospitals with surgical operations and medical care units and give a high and consistent medical oxygen quality of 95% +/- 1%.

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Key features

: high and constant oxygen levels

: Fully automated operation that runs around-the-clock, every day of the week.

: a touch screen-equipped control panel

: remote controllable

Understanding that oxygen is frequently created using a variety of techniques is necessary before setting up an oxygen manufacturing facility, especially for medical uses.

Medical oxygen plants are constructed and used in a huge number of hospitals in India. Intensive care units, occupational therapy clinics, and other medical facilities receive medical oxygen from a medical oxygen plant (Operation Theaters). It is frequently used during anaesthesia as an alternative to inhalation anaesthesia to reduce the amount of oxygen ingested. Medical oxygen is currently delivered using a cylinder manifold. The advantages of a medical oxygen generator that incorporates an on-site medical oxygen gas generator as well as a cylinder backup are already being reaped by savvy hospitals.

Hospitals all over the world are finding that using medical oxygen generators is a trustworthy and affordable alternative. Their patients' oxygen needs can be satisfied by an on-site oxygen plant. It lowers the costs associated with ordering, receiving, and keeping track of oxygen supplies at your hospital. Accidents involving manual handling, cylinder replacement expenses, and routine cylinder refilling all incur expenditures. If the oxygen provider can only be found in a remote area, liquefied petroleum gas is likewise prohibitively expensive. If the operator isn't paying attention, hospitals can run out of medical oxygen cylinders.

Medkav Technologies Products

Since our products provide a revolutionary form of oxygen generator with numerous modules connected in parallel and containing molecular sieves or zeolites, Medkav may be the best solution for an oxygen generator. Each module is independent; if one fails due to a filter failure, the others will continue to function with a straightforward pipe+cable connection. This module can be used in a number of different applications. The newly developed Adsorber, which makes use of Mechanical Pre-tightening Technology, efficiently lessens friction between molecular sieves, leading to lower molecular sieve pulverisation, longer sieve life, and higher purity levels.

Our medical products are well recognised and valued in medical institutions all over the world because of our technical excellence, high dependability, and competitive performance-price ratio.

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