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May 7, 2022

According to experts, building a Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) Medical Oxygen Generation Plants may only take a few days, but importing the equipment may take weeks.

According to R Venkataraman (a technical expert), the PSA system can be operational within two days after importing the necessary equipment, which is largely from Germany. PSA and cryogenic oxygen plants, he explained, were the two types of oxygen plants. The former is favoured in hospitals, whereas the latter is employed in businesses. The former is quicker to install, but a cryogenic plant would take six months to a year (100 tonnes per day). Cryogenic plants require a lot of area and a lot of power. PSA systems are easier to construct and require 10x10 or 20x10. The majority of PSA systems will be imported from Germany. The main issue, though, is that most manufacturers have a four- to six-week backlog of orders."

Intro About Oxygen Generators

Oxygen generators extract oxygen from the air so that it can be provided to industrial activities in real time or stored in pressure tanks. Oxygen generators are utilised in a variety of industrial settings, including gold mine, aquaculture, and life support. The operation of an oxygen concentrator is surprisingly straightforward. It draws air from the surrounding environment into the oxygen machine, compresses it, purifies it, and removes nitrogen and other pollutants to produce oxygen-rich air. The oxygen-rich, filtered air is subsequently provided to the patient. 

Cost of Oxygen Generators in Bangalore

Air compression devices remove nitrogen (78.09 percent),argon (0.93 percent), and oxygen from ambient air (20.95 percent). The substance is compressed into a liquid, which is then transported and stored in a cryogenic vessel. Because it is too expensive to transport oxygen in a gaseous state, it is turned to a liquid. The liquid is then forced through a vaporizer, which converts it to gas. The gas will be poured into a medical or industrial pipe, depending on the requirement. Medical oxygen will have a purity of roughly 95%, whereas industrial oxygen has a purity of 99.5 percent. The most significant costs in the generation of oxygen are power and transportation. It costs Rs 7 to create 1 cubic metre of oxygen. However, when power and transportation costs are factored in, the price per cubic metre rises to Rs 14 per cubic metre. However, due to increased demand, oxygen is now sold at a significantly higher price." 

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Oxygen generator setup in Bangalore Hospital

A rudimentary oxygen generator might deliver 250 litres per minute to patients via an in-house piping network. The PSA oxygen generator in Bangalore is installed in an area of about 600 sqft.

A capacity of 500 litres will require approximately1,200 square feet. Bubble humidifiers pipe oxygen from the in-house plant to droppings in the walls that lead down to each bed, where it is delivered to patients by a flowmeter.

How much space and electricity will it use

The production of oxygen cylinders is a labor-intensive industrial operation. For an oxygen cylinder to release oxygen in a very controlled manner, a suitable valve (regulator) and a flow meter are necessary. Using oxygen from cylinders without a flow metre is extremely wasteful, and it's also extremely dangerous. Oxygen cylinders are not all the same; different countries utilise at least five different types of cylinders. Only one type of oxygen cylinder is commonly used with a regulator.

Before obtaining regulators, get precise information from the local oxygen supplier on the type of oxygen cylinder in use. This might be verified by hospital staff with technical expertise, such as ananesthesiologist, a chest physician, or a suitably qualified hospital technician. An international standard for identifying oxygen cylinders requires that they be painted white. Regrettably, the regulation is frequently disobeyed. In the United States, green medical oxygen cylinders are widespread, while in Commonwealth countries, black with white shoulders are common. Even while industrial oxygen cylinders should be prominently labelled, this is not always the case.

Features of Medkav Oxygen Generators

In India, MedKav Technologies Pvt Ltd serves hospitals, community clinics, healthcare centres, veterinary facilities, and companies such as aquaculture with state-of-the-art, 3rd and 4th generation sophisticated PSA Technology. We distribute, sell, service, and manufacture a variety of oxygen generators and home oxygen concentrators.

Medkav Technologies is a reputable medical oxygen generator company that provides a full range of medical oxygen generation, storage, and transportation services. Our goal is to assist you in getting the most out of your industrial output while maintaining within your budget. Our goods and services include cutting-edge oxygen generators that may be used in a variety of commercial and industrial settings. We assist hospitals in saving money by replacing oxygen cylinders with high-quality, long-lasting oxygen generators. Our products are designed to withstand the harsh Indian environment, power outages, and air pollution problems.

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Why Medkav's Oxygen Generators are best

We offer Medical Oxygen Systems with AII in One, a full oxygen generation system in a single box that saves space:-

• An air compressor

• Refrigeration unit

• Filtration 

• Air Recipient

• Oxygen generator

• Oxygen Recipient

• Oxygen Concentration Analyzer

• An oxygen flow metre is a device that determines how much oxygen is present in the air.

• High-Efficiency Bacterial Filter

• Remote Monitoring Center

Due to their technological superiority, high dependability, and competitive performance-price ratio, our medical goods are well-known and popular in medical institutions all over the world.

We provide cutting-edge 3rd and 4th generation advanced PSA technology to hospitals, community clinics, healthcare centres, veterinary colleges, and the aquaculture industry in India. We distribute, market, service, and produce many types of oxygen generators and home oxygen concentrators with xxx, urban core (one sentence summary of our offering).

The presence of Medkav Technologies in the healthcare industry is rapidly expanding. In addition, we provide a safe learning atmosphere. As the world becomes safer and healthier, hospitals may be able to draw closer to their patients. The availability of medical oxygen is critical  to the hospital's operation, and Medkav's Medical Oxygen Gas Generator guarantees that it is available.

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