Oxygen Generator Plant For Hospital: Best Products!

April 29, 2022

Oxygen generators are extremely efficient and dependable. they provide a high and steady medical oxygen quality of 95 percent +/- 1 percent and are designed for hospitals with surgical activities and medical care units.

Key features

  • Oxygen levels that are high and stable

  • 24 hours daily, seven days every week, fully automated operation

  • A control panel with a touchscreen

  • Controllable from afar

Oxygen Generator Plant For Hospital

Setting up an oxygen manufacturing factory, especially for medical purposes, requires understanding that it are often produced in an exceedingly sort of methods.

Pressure swing adsorption: during this procedure, pure oxygen is produced in any case other gases, like nitrogen, are separated from the air mixture under high. This procedure usually necessitates the employment of substances that consists of two vessels that separate the gases. This technology is widely used throughout the globe and is that the most preferred way for manufacturing oxygen on a billboard scale. This method is commonly employed in small-scale companies.

Another method for producing oxygen is fractionation. it's one hand above the above-mentioned approach since it's significantly more efficient and produces pure oxygen. the primary step during this procedure is to clear the air of dust. The air is compressed after the dust is removed, and so all other gases like CO2 and moisture are aloof from the air to create it clean.

After that, the cleansed air is forced to flow through a device, which liquefies it and separates the oxygen from the nitrogen. Distillation is that the final process, which yields purified oxygen, which is subsequently collected for commercial transportation. Massive-scale enterprises use this approach to supply oxygen in large quantities.

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Cost of putting in oxygen generator plant in hospital

The plant's construction costs are estimated to be between Rs 30 and 35 lakhs. this is often a small-scale plant's price.Oxygen generators are available a spread of sizes, starting from 10 Nm3 to 200 Nm3. On a day to day, this translates to roughly 30-700 (Type D cylinders (46.7litres). the value of those Oxygen Generators could range from Rs 40 to Rs 350 lakhs, counting on the capacity required (plus taxes).

The running costs of an oxygen generator are divided into two categories:

  • the ability price

  • Costs of Annual Maintenance

Oxygen generators provide a wonderful return on investment (ROI). If the capacity is fully utilised, the investment may be returned in as little as a year. The investment is returned in but two years whether or not only 1/2 the capacity is employed.

The total disbursement may be a 3rd of what they'd be if cylinders were used, leading to a 60-65% decrease in operational costs. this is often typically a major cut.

Cost effectiveness of oxygen generator

Medical oxygen generators are being identified as a highly reliable and cost-effective alternative in hospitals all round the world. the answer to his or her oxygen needs for his or her patients is an oxygen plant. It saves your hospital money by eliminating the expenditures of procuring, receiving, and monitoring oxygen supplies. Daily refilling, still as human handling hazards and, as a result, the value of cylinder stocking, are both expensive. Liquefied petroleum gas transmission is also prohibitively expensive if the oxygen provider is found during a remote location. If the operator isn't taking note, hospitals may run out of medical oxygen cylinders.

Thanks to a central controlling mechanism that monitors oxygen and nitrogen gas saturation levels in both the adsorption and desorption towers, the PSA process is totally automated. The action is applied by opening or closing the critical process valves, also as increasing or decreasing the pressure within the zeolite-filled cylinders.

Due to an far more than Covid Cases requiring oxygen therapy, hospitals across India have experienced severe oxygen shortages in recent months. Hospitals are increasingly inquisitive about obtaining an Oxygen Generator Plant to confirm a reliable supply of life-saving oxygen at an inexpensive price.

Oxygen generators aren't a brand-new invention. it has been on the marketplace for quite 20 years.

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Why should we've oxygen generator in hospital?

In India, medical oxygen plants are built and are employed in an enormous number of hospitals. A medical oxygen plant delivers medical oxygen to ICUs (Intensive Care Units), OTs, and other medical facilities (Operation Theaters). As another to inhalation anaesthesia, it's routinely utilised during anaesthesia to lower the number of oxygen inhaled. A cylinder manifold is now accustomed provide medical oxygen. Smart hospitals are now reaping the advantages of a medical oxygen generator that includes an onsite medical oxygen gas generator similarly as a cylinder backup.

Medical oxygen generators are proving to be a dependable and cost-effective alternative for hospitals round the world. An onsite oxygen plant can meet their patients' oxygen requirements. It reduces the prices of buying, receiving, and monitoring oxygen supplies at your hospital. Manual handling accidents, cylinder replacement costs, and daily cylinder refilling all cost money. liquefied petroleum gas is also excessively expensive if the oxygen provider is found at a faraway place. Hospitals may run out of medical oxygen cylinders if the operator isn't listening.

PSA oxygen plant setup cost in India

Generators aren't a brand-new product on the market. The plants are within the world for over 25 years, but there are two key causes for an unexpected increase in demand for them:

  1. The industry has never seen such price fluctuations in medical oxygen cylinders. A severe lack of cylinders resulted in many patients in treatment units panting for air. Nobody wants to travel back thereto horrible time.

  1. Small and medium hospitals lack the financial resources to induce these large generators.

However, hospitals are encouraged to place in oxygen generators in their facilities as a results of the honourable Prime Minister's recent effort to dedicate 35 Oxygen Plants supported by PM CARES to the state, similarly as many other initiatives.

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How to set up oxygen generator plant for small hospital

Oxygen cylinders are made employing a comparatively expensive industrial procedure. An oxygen cylinder must have a particular valve (regulator) and a flow metre so on release oxygen in an exceedingly controlled manner. it's incredibly wasteful to use oxygen from cylinders without a flow metre, and it is also quite dangerous without a regulator. Not all oxygen cylinders are the same; a minimum of 5 different types are utilized in numerous countries. With a regulator, only one kind of oxygen cylinder are often used.

Gather detailed information on the type of oxygen cylinder in use from the local oxygen supplier before ordering regulators. A hospital employee with technical expertise, like an anaesthetist, a chest physician, or a very qualified hospital technician, should verify this. Oxygen cylinders must be painted white in line with a world standard for identification. Regrettably, the recommendation is usually ignored. Green medical oxygen cylinders are common within the u.  s., while black with white shoulders are common in Commonwealth countries. Industrial oxygen cylinders should be clearly labelled additionally, however this is often often seldom the case.

If you are doing not know what's during a very cylinder, don't use it to produce gas to a patient. Getting oxygen to patients requires quite having oxygen cylinders readily available. you will have a whole functional system in place, which includes not just the oxygen delivery apparatus, but also skilled operators and a maintenance, repair, and spare parts supply chain.

The following components must be included in an exceedingly very complete system for using oxygen in cylinders:

  • Consistent supply of oxygen cylinders

  • Transporting the cylinders to the hospital is required.

  • Protocols to create sure that the hospital orders the right amount of oxygen

Apparatus for transferring oxygen from the cylinder to the patient:

- A competent regulator

- A flow metre is also a tool that monitors the amount of water flowing through a pipe.

- Tubing for oxygen delivery

- A humidifier for the air

- A face-to-face oxygen tube for the patient

- An oxygen delivery catheter (or mask) for the patient's airway

Oxygen Generator Plant For Hospital: Best Products: Medkav Technology

Our collaboration may be a process, not a one-time event, and it's tailored to the present and future needs of our customers. Unlike most other companies (current market alternatives/competitors), we provide prompt and attentive service, a team of experts with diverse strengths to assist our clients in resolving various varieties of service issues at reasonable prices, and an infatuated single point of contact account manager to service each client.

We assist hospitals, community clinics, healthcare centres, veterinary hospitals, and aquaculture businesses in India by bringing them state-of-the-art, 3rd and 4th generation advanced PSA technology. In conjunction with xxx, Hong Kong, we distribute, sell, service, and manufacture various types of oxygen generators and residential oxygen concentrators (one sentence summary of our offering). Our parent company Kavia's products are elegantly developed, rigorously tested, professionally constructed, and founded at their Bangalore Research Centre, and are both safe and effective, furthermore as energy efficient and reliable. Medkav fully complies with ISO13485, ISO9001, and other national and international criteria.

Medkav products are widely recognised and appreciated in medical institutions around the world due to their technical superiority, high reliability, and competitive performance-price ratio. We collaborate with well-known domestic and international suppliers.

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