Cost Of Setting Up An Oxygen Generator In A Hospital!

April 16, 2022

Oxygen cylinders are made using a relatively expensive industrial procedure. An oxygen cylinder must have a certain valve (regulator) and a flow metre in order to release oxygen in a controlled manner. It is incredibly wasteful to use oxygen from cylinders without a flow metre, and it is also quite dangerous without a regulator. Not all oxygen cylinders are the same; at least five different types are used in different countries. With a regulator, only one type of oxygen cylinder can be used.

Medical oxygen plants have been set up and are in use in a large number of hospitals in India. Medical oxygen is delivered to ICUs, OTs, and other medical facilities by medical oxygen plants (Operation Theaters). It's frequently used during anaesthesia to reduce the amount of oxygen inhaled as an alternative for inhalation general anaesthesia. Medical oxygen is currently supplied via a cylinder manifold. Smart hospitals are now experiencing the benefits of a medical oxygen generator, which also serves as a cylinder backup.

A Medical Oxygen Generator Should Include The Following Features:

1. It has the potential to save your life.

2. A steady supply 7 days a week, 24 hours a day

3. Annual savings; return on investment (ROI) ranging from a few months to up to 18 months!

4. There is no need for transportation or refilling, unlike cylinders.

5. Unlike liquid oxygen tanks, bulk storage is not required. MedO assists you in conserving space, time, and money.

6. There are no signs of dependency or irregularity.

7. There is no chance of a price increase every year.

8. It is simple to set up (Roof, Basement, beside the hospital building)

9. A minimum of ten years of life, with the possibility of more if maintained according to protocol.

10.Customer care that is second to none, as well as a breakdown protection plan!

Gather detailed information on the type of oxygen cylinder in use from the local oxygen supplier before ordering regulators. A hospital employee with technical expertise, such as an anaesthetist, a chest physician, or a fully qualified hospital technician, should verify this. Oxygen cylinders must be painted white according to an international standard for identification. Regrettably, the recommendation is usually ignored. Green medical oxygen cylinders are common in the United States, while black with white shoulders are common in Commonwealth countries. Industrial oxygen cylinders should be clearly labelled as well, however this is not often the case.

If you don't know what's in a cylinder, don't use it to provide gas to a patient. Getting oxygen to patients requires more than having oxygen cylinders on hand. You'll need a complete functional system in place, which includes not just the oxygen delivery apparatus, but also skilled operators and a maintenance, repair, and spare parts supply chain.

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The following components must be included in a complete system for using oxygen in cylinders:

• Consistent supply of oxygen cylinders

• Transporting the cylinders to the hospital is required.

• Checks to ensure that the hospital orders the correct amount of oxygen.

Apparatus for transferring oxygen from the cylinder to the patient:

- A competent regulator

- A flow metre is a device that monitors the amount of water flowing through a pipe.

- Tubing for oxygen delivery

- A humidifier for the air

- A face-to-face oxygen tube for the patient

- An oxygen delivery catheter (or mask) for the patient's airway

• Someone who has received clinical training in delivering the correct amount of oxygen to persons who need it.

• A technician who inspects, maintains, and repairs the gadget as needed.

• A sufficient budget to ensure that oxygen is supplied at all times.

Cost Of Setting Up An Oxygen Generator In A Hospital

Medical oxygen generators are being discovered in hospitals all around the world as a highly reliable and cost-effective alternative. An onsite oxygen plant is the solution to his or her oxygen needs for his or her patients. By eliminating the costs of obtaining, receiving, and monitoring oxygen supplies, it saves your hospital money. Daily refilling, as well as accidents from human handling and, as a result, the expense of cylinder stocking, are both costly. If the oxygen supplier is located in a remote place, liquefied petroleum gas delivery may be quite costly. Hospitals may run out of medical oxygen cylinders if the operator is not paying attention.

The PSA process is fully automated thanks to a central regulating mechanism that checks oxygen and nitrogen gas saturation levels in both the adsorption and desorption towers. Opening or closing the essential process valves, as well as increasing or reducing the pressure within the zeolite filled cylinders, are used to carry out the action.

In recent months, hospitals throughout India have suffered acute oxygen shortages due to an overabundance of Covid Cases requiring oxygen therapy. Hospitals are becoming more interested in purchasing an Oxygen Generator Plant to provide a consistent supply of life-saving oxygen at a low cost.

Oxygen generators aren't a brand-new invention. It's been available for over two decades.

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Space Required For Oxygen Generators In Hospital

Generators are handy machines that offer watts in the event of a power outage, allowing daily activities and business operations to continue as usual. Generators come in a variety of electrical and physical forms to accommodate a wide range of applications. An electrical generator is a device that converts energy from a source external to voltage. Voltage is not 'produced' by a generator. Rather, it uses the energy it receives to force electric charges in the wires of its windings to move across an external device.

Industrial oxygen generators have the capacity to fill a whole neighbourhood, while the tiniest oxygen generators are no larger than a Coke can. On the other hand, all oxygen generators have the same goal: to provide a reliable supply of concentrated oxygen gas.

Businesses that require huge amounts of oxygen gas usually start by purchasing tanks of the gas from other companies, which are then filled with an industrial oxygen generator. If they have a frequent and significant requirement for pure oxygen, it should be less expensive to purchase their own oxygen generator system and produce oxygen on site. While the technique is initially expensive, the value of each volume unit of oxygen produced is 1/3 to 1/2 that of bulk oxygen, so the oxygen generator will pay for itself over time.

This can be seen in hospitals that pipe oxygen into patient rooms. Instead of using bottled oxygen, most hospitals have one or more industrial oxygen generators on site. A pressurised pipe system delivers oxygen to each chamber.

Return On Investment (ROI)

In most cases, the return on investment (ROI) is achieved in less than two years. You save money on expenses, cylinder handling, labour, and time.Our partnership is a journey, not simply a one-time event, and it is tailored to the current and future needs of our consumers. We provide world-class service ( USP) Unlike most other companies (current market alternatives/competitors), we provide prompt and attentive service, a team of experts with diverse strengths to assist our clients in resolving various types of service issues at reasonable prices, and a dedicated single point of contact account manager to service each client.

For an oxygen generator, Medkav may be the best option, because Our products feature a new form of oxygen generator with numerous modules that are connected in parallel and incorporate molecular sieves or zeolites. Each module is self-contained; if one fails due to a filter failure, the others will continue to function with a simple pipe+cable connection; this module can be used in a variety of ways.The newly developed Adsorber effectively minimises rubbing between molecular sieves by utilising Mechanical Pre-tightening Technology, which decreases molecular sieve pulverisation, resulting in longer sieve life and higher purity levels.The Adsorbers are made of an ALUMINIUM alloy with an oxidation treatment, which provides higher corrosion resistance and is 30% lighter than carbon steel.Touch screen HMI that may be connected to your computer and smartphone to check the last 5 years of plant data.Purity and Flow cannot be tampered with because they are fully computer and electronically controlled, with NO MANUAL SETTINGS available.

How Medkav Technologies Is Helping?

Because of their technological superiority, high reliability, and competitive performance-price ratio, Medkav products are highly recognised and respected at medical institutions all over the world. We work with reputable domestic and international vendors.Our collaboration is a journey, not a one-time event, and it is suited to our customers' current and future needs. We offer first-rate service ( USP) We provide prompt and attentive service, a team of experts with diverse strengths to assist our clients in resolving various types of service issues at reasonable prices, and a dedicated single point of contact account manager to service each client, unlike most other companies (current market alternatives/competitors).

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